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Legendary comic genius Bill Hicks once conveyed the importance of reading during a waffle waitress sketch and whilst his musings might seem a tad harsh, the point was well made. In the digital arena continual learning and continual optimisation must go hand-in-hand. Hopefully, you'll find these materials  valuable along the journey.

1. Organisation Culture

Building an organisational dynamic that puts numbers instead of pure gut feel at the heart of decision making processes is tough.  Thankfully, help is at hand.  The materials in this section will act as good refresher course for the seasoned professional or, form a solid theoretical building block for the less experienced individual.


2. User Experience Design

If web analytics and testing are a catalyst for change then, design and usability are the adhesive to ensure hypotheses remain well ground and ultimately improve the overall customer experience not just short-term conversion.  This selection comes highly recommended and will prove to be a valuable asset during the digital optimisation process.

3. Web Analytics

Individuals wanting to advance in the field of digital analytics should consider the following materials as mandatory reading.  All texts listed here have had a profound influence on advancing now commonly accepted thinking and techniques to evaluate digital performance.

4. Conversion Optimisation

When it comes to optimisation, there are never any shortage of ideas regarding what to test around a business. The short listed texts below help sort the method from the madness and ensure structure and logic prevail for any business interested in improving conversion. 

5. Data Visualisation

Analysts must carefully select how data is visualised so that findings are transparent and easy to interpret.  Here are some favourite texts that have helped design to a dashboard or two in the past.