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At the last count, there were about one hundred and sixty million blogs online.  Thankfully, the ones most appropriate to this audience have been short listed and come highly recommended

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Analytics TalkMix of technical and real-world changes explored in GA
Anil BatraEverything from web to multi-channel analytics
AtlantaAnalyticsOften controversial and always funny measure musings
The complete audio digest for online measurement
Topical and informative writings about digital
Practical tips and tricks for everyday analytics use
GilliganOnDataKung Fu advice for business data challenges
KaizenAnalyticsAnalytics with an automotive persuasion
L3 Analytics
Honest and unbiased opinions on web analytics
LumametricsUseful discussions covering a broad digital spectrum
Occam's Razor
Thought provoking articles on industry challenges
Various authors with a wealth of experience and advice
Fabulous source of technical guidance for SiteCatalyst
Tired of analysis and optimisation?  Get Inspired by Imanuel Goncalves