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WeightWatchers Case Study

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WeightWatchers turn losses into gains with Google Analytics during Play campaign.

Healthy Living

WeightWatchers Online offer products and services to assist with weight loss and maintenance.  Their websites provide a number of free and paid resources for people interested in healthier living and weight management.  Besides ordering their products online, visitors can view healthy meal recipes, read inspirational stories and watch videosRead the full WeightWatchers case study.

Play Time Measured

WeightWatchers started a campaign called, “Play” to re-engage people with the brand and raise awareness of online products.  Whilst working at digital agency Razorfish, Alex Brown designed the promotional campaign analytics solution using Google Analytics and produced technical guideline documentation that creative digital gurus Media Monks used for implementation.  The enhanced tracking included; onsite search keyword and in-page interaction measurement for social media engagement and continuity tracking for cross-domain visitors.  The campaign was analysed closely using a custom-made dashboard to monitor micro site performance and to-date remains hugely successful.  Readers can view the associated TV campaign on YouTube:

Project Activity

  1. Analytics Solution Design
  2. Technical Specification Documentation

  3. Quality Assurance / Testing

  4. Custom Dashboard Design
Positive Results
  • Deep understanding of campaign performance and engagement

  • Full visibility into key micro-site user journeys 

  • Enhanced tracking and Marketing Campaign ROI analysis
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Read the full WeightWatchers case study

WeightWatchers Google Analytics Case Study

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