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Urban Outfitters Case Study


Hip lifestyle giant Urban Outfitters restyle Google Analytics using IBM Coremetrics and Tealium.

Urban Tailoring

Urban Outfitters Europe own a number of sites providing consumers with a wide range of clothing, accessories and apartment items for men and women. These sites offer visitors a chance to browse products, locate stores, enter competitions, read up on the latest fashion trends and purchase items onlineRead the full Urban Outfitters Google Analytics case study.

Retro Fit

Urban Outfitters are no stranger to fashion trend-setting and when it comes to choosing technology partners, the same holds true.  AB Analytics were tasked with bringing a basic Google Analytics deployment into line with the advanced, ecommerce configuration of Coremetrics. After reviewing the site, AB Analytics set to work tailoring the measurement architecture to compliment business requirements and provide greater visibility of global site performance.  An extensive Google Analytics overhaul can sometimes take time, but this implementation was made much quicker and easier by leveraging Tealium Tag Management technology and awesome Support. The end product ensured data consistency between analytics platforms and provided additional marketing information to help with corporate communication decision making.

Project Activity

  1. Full site user journey review and technical audit
  2. Improved regional and global reporting account structure with device specific profiles

  3. Implemented custom site interaction tracking and enhanced detection of SEO traffic

  4. Deployed ‘piggyback’ tracking for Marketing campaigns
Positive Results

  • Consistent information across analytics platforms to enable benchmark analysis

  • New evaluation of site visitor interaction at a micro conversion level
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Read the full Urban Outfitters case study

Urban Outfitters Google Analytics Case Study

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