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Reiss Case Study

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Innovative design leads Reiss to cutting edge measurement using Google Analytics.

Fashion Statement

Reiss own a number of sites that help consumers decide what men’s and women’s fashion to purchase.  Besides buying online, the sites offer visitors a chance to browse products, locate stores, read about fashion trends, book corporate events or tailoring and watch fashion videosRead the full Reiss case study.

Tailored Implementation

Reiss were keen to understand differences in online shopping behaviours after launching optimised sites for mobile and tablet.  Following an technical audit of the existing web site tracking, AB Analytics enabled site-wide micro-conversions tracking for visitors’ like downloading and sharing content, booking tailoring appointments in store and signing up to newsletters.  Enhancing the Google Analytics default search engine optimisation reporting helped the marketing team focus on keyword analysis and SEO content strategy.  And using a bespoke set of custom variables allowed site designers the opportunity to identify popular groups of content and segment online buyers into loyalty groups for behavioural analysis.  Arguably, the most valuable improvement was the addition of a ‘roll-up’ reporting profile that provided the business with an aggregated perspective for monitoring global online performance.

Project Activity

  1. Complete analytics technical audit and site user journey review
  2. Improved regional and global account reporting structure with device specific profiles

  3. Created customer purchase segments using custom variables

  4. Implemented custom site interaction tracking
Positive Results
  • Bespoke tracking solution enables quicker decision making using resources more efficiently

  • Full visibility of key user journeys by segment including site engagement measurement

  • New evaluation of site visitor interaction at a micro conversion level
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Read the full Reiss case study

Reiss Google Analytics Case Study

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