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Quality Solicitors Case Study

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Qualified legal experts optimise landing page conversion using Visual Website Optimiser.

Law and Orders

Quality Solicitors provide a service that helps people searching for legal support, connect with local experts.  The site primarily allows visitors the opportunity to locate and contact legal businesses in their areaRead the full QualitySolicitors case study.

Legal Testing

During a period heightened marketing activity, Quality Solicitors sought to capitalise on the increased traffic volumes and convert visitors to submit online enquiries.  Following a review of key site landing pages, AB Analytics suggested a number of site design changes to improve conversion rates and recommended a software platform to test various site redesign hypotheses.  After helping to implement Visual Website Optimiser and educate the business on A/B testing principles, the initial hypotheses were put to the test with positive results.  The first test, a home page redesign obtained a conversion increase of fifty-four (54%) per cent on the original.  A business culture of “test and learn” has since been firmly embraced by Quality Solicitors who continue to optimise the site content and experience that visitor’s encounter.

Project Activity

  1. Full user experience review and site technical audit
  2. Testing methodology and vendor selection recommended

  3. User Experience Design recommendation

  4. Customised Testing platform implementation
Positive Results
  • Conversion from online enquiry increased 54% based on home page optimisation

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Read the full QualitySolicitors case study

QualitySolicitors Visual Website Optimiser Case Study

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