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Map Logic Case Study

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Data intelligence experts at Map-logic plot map to success with Google Analytics.

Informative Solutions

Map-Logic provide businesses with specialist data solutions and their web sites offer visitors the opportunity to browse products, read articles, download documents, subscribe to newsletters and buy products onlineRead the full Map-Logic case study.

Addressing The Challenge

Map-Logic wanted to measure the user journey of visitors who purchased online and capture what marketing activity was responsible for the sale.  For ecommerce site functionality, Map-Logic provide visitors with the option to buy using third-party payment gateways (including Google Wallet and PayPal).  An extensive site audit conducted by AB Analytics revealed ‘breakages’ in tracking continuity during the purchase process that were caused by a visitors’ transfer to third-party web sites at checkout.  The recommendations by AB Analytics enabled cross-domain tracking features within Google Analytics to record online sales and accurately allocate credit for marketing channel ROI analysis.

Project Activity

  1. Complete user experience review and site analytics audit
  2. Recommended best practice tracking enhancements 
Positive Results
  • eCommerce tracking continuity across sub-domains and third party payment providers for marketing campaign analysis

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Read the full Map-Logic case study

MapLogic Google Analytics Case Study

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