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eWaterways Case Study

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Measurement overhaul puts eWaterways in cruise control with Google Analytics.

Full Steam Ahead

eWaterways own a number of sites that help consumers and businesses to decide about boat travel vacations.  Besides purchasing online, the sites offer visitors a chance to browse products, locate specialist cruises, sign-up for industry newsletters and contact expert travel advisers. Read the full eWaterways case study.

Plain Sailing Analytics

eWaterways were keen to understand more about online shopping behaviours of consumers and partner travel agents using their sites.  Following a full site technical analytics audit of the web site AB Analytics enabled site wide, micro-conversions tracking for visitors’ completing contact requests forms, outbound referrals and crossing domains.  Enhancing the Google Analytics default search engine optimisation reporting helped the marketing team focus on keyword analysis and SEO content strategy.  A key improvement was the addition of a ‘roll-up’ reporting profile that provided the business with an aggregated view of global consumer performance and a separate configuration for self-service reporting for independent travel agents.

Project Activity

  1. Full site user journey review and technical audit
  2. Improved regional and ‘roll-up’ account reporting structure with Business-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business profiles

  3. Implemented custom site interaction tracking and enhanced detection of SEO traffic

  4. Consolidated site code using Javascript and deployed via Content Management System (CMS)
Positive Results
  • Deeper knowledge of global site visitor behaviour across  business and consumer web properties

  • Full visibility of key user journeys by segment including site engagement measurement

  • Improved tracking accuracy and marketing campaign analysis opportunity
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Read the full eWaterways case study

Ewaterways Google Analytics Case Study

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