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Mobile Analytics - Evolution or Revolution?

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Measuring mobile has never been straight forward and at times felt a little painful especially during implementation and occasionally during analysis with a partial dataset compared to it's web based equivalent.

However, the mobile analytics landscape is about to change for good with the launch of a new product by ClickTale who specialist in customer experience analytics.

In the past, leveraging ClickTale’s web based technology offering for different Clients generated some amazing insights into user behaviour and their new mobile proposition promises to follow suit allowing businesses to view their mobile customers’ true-to-life browsing experience at all levels of detail, from aggregated views to playable videos of individual sessions. An invite to the beta can be requested at clicktale.com/mobile.

During the early days of mobile site development, traditional digital analytics technology vendors (Omniture, Coremetrics, Webtrends) raced to shoe-horn their web tracking platforms into the mobile space.  Over time mobile specific analytics technology providers surfaced (Flurry, Bango, Kontagent) with a clear focus on mobile site and app measurement.  These combined elements provided the digital analyst with good information about site navigation, custom event tracking and the ability to undertake cohort analysis.  

However, the behavioural tracking goal posts shifted with the launch of iPhone in mid-2007 and the introduction of touch screen and gesture based page interaction.  Five years later and the first widely available measurement solution has appeared to provide an understanding of these complex user behaviours.

With all this talk of “true-to-life” browsing measurement and video replay for mobile it is easy to get carried away and think that old mobile reports can be dispensed with.  However, previous experience has shown that such technology is best leveraged when used in parallel with traditional web analytics tracking.  The latter provides an understanding of “what” happened whilst, the former helps explain “why” it happened.  Both play a crucial part in understanding site behaviour and identifying key areas to improve site conversion.  

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youtube video or akternatively, request an beta invite  clicktale.com

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ClickTale Mobile: Analytics Evolution or Revolution?  

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